ReGadget K-12 Technology Partner
Device Buyback
ReGadget is focused on capturing value in devices that are end of life for districts. Our educational technology professionals will provide a quote for Chromebooks, Windows desktops and laptops as well as Apple devices. Our mission is to provide you with a value-driven quote within 72 hours. After accepting the offer determination our ReGadget Buyback team will provide instructions, packing material and coordinate pickup of your equipment. The team will receive, inspect, inventory, and verify the condition of the equipment, upon completion the disbursement of funds is guaranteed within 45 days!

Buyback Program

Technology Buyback Process
Request Quote
Fill out online buyback form or email us to provide information pertaining to your devices.
Device Pick Up
Free shipping or white glove pick up service will be provided to send in your devices.
After devices are received, we will begin to process your check or credit.
The inventory list should consist of the make, model and specifications of each device that is set for decommissioning. We will also need to know if the devices include adapters and if they have been etched.
We will generate a detailed quote indicating the estimated value of the assets based on a grading scale of A, B, C or Parts. Our focus is to help schools, so we strive to offer the highest possible value in the market.
Our mission is to make this as easy and rewarding as possible for our customers. We will pay for the devices to be shipped safely to one of our certified facilities.
We inspect, audit and destroy all data with Serialized Auditable Reporting to the NIST Standard in our certified facilities.
We assess the condition of the devices to provide a final value based on the grading scale used during the Asset Valuation process. Please check the equipment grading details in the ReGadget Grading Scale.
Once the grading process is completed, you will receive a report detailing each device by grade and serial. The detailed report will be accompanied by a check matching the value of the graded services.
Device Grading & Reporting
A Grade Device is fully functional condition, like new. No visible scratching, blemishes, dents on any parts of the machines.
B Grade Device is fully functional condition, with minimal scratches on the plastics, no screen scratches. Minimal wear on the keyboards, no missing keys, minimal scratching on the plastics, no broken plastics.
C Grade Device is fully functional condition, with visible scratches on the screen and plastics. Medium wear on the keyboards, no missing keys,scratching on the plastics, minimal broken plastics.
D Grade Device is in working condition, with severe cosmetic damage to the screen and plastics. Multiple deep dents deep scratching, heavy keyboard wear, missing keys, multiple broken plastics.
F Grade Device is non-functional. Multiple broken parts, motherboard is non-functional or locked.